Over 40 years of community-focused
design-driven leadership

BCT is a creative, multi-disciplinary design studio. We specialize in all aspects of master planning, architecture, interior design, and environmental graphics. While the breadth of our practice is constantly expanding, we continue to be recognized as leaders in the design of mixed-use projects for the retail, residential, hospitality, senior living, and corporate office sectors. Through each stage of our growth and development, we have remained true to our original values-- the design and creation of dynamic environments that enhance communities and improve quality of life.

How we work

Collaboration is at the core of everything we do. Our experts in planning, urban design, building design, graphic design, and branding work closely with our clients, their key project stakeholders, and their consultants to create solutions that position each project for a successful outcome.

 "We never come into a project thinking ‘this is how it should look.’ We start with a fresh perspective and a new way of looking at things."

Deborah Dietrich, Associate, Interior Designer


"With our powerhouse retail and housing studios working side by side, we are able to create livable communities for people, and affect meaningful change in people’s lives."

Janet Reynolds, Principal

"We want to create an immersive experience."

Jennifer Geczi, Associate, Interior Designer

"I've always been inspired by Greek and Roman architecture. Their buildings had to be efficient, they had to be stable. But then they had to be beautiful."

Mark Herbkersman, Principal, Director of Design

"You need to understand the local context. Not just the building but the space around it."

Bob Gehrman, Principal

"I love seeing the evolution from sketch to reality."

Pedro Sales, Vice President

"My goal is to design the best projects in the best places on the planet."

Craig Purcell, Vice President,
 Director of Urban Design

"A challenging site allows for broader thinking."

Scot Foster, Principal

"Design has two components: what you already know or have learned from experience, and what you discover during the process of design."

Mark Herbkersman, Principal

We come to each project with a fresh perspective, decades of hands-on experience, and the highest level of expertise. We always strive to design vibrant places where communities can congregate. We believe projects should be of, not on a site, and should resonate with and enhance the context and culture that surrounds them. Each project uniquely reflects the goals, ideals, and core values of our client, as well as those of the surrounding community.

Holiday Party
Annual Holiday Party
We Care Event
Crafting with the Boys & Girls club for Herman Miller's "We Care" event
Summer Picnic
Annual Summer Picnic
Our crab creation for CANstruction, all donated food going to the Maryland Food Bank